Thursday, November 01, 2007

Skin Care - A To Z Of Chemical Peeling - Part 2

Cosmetic tegument Procedures - Chemical desquamation - Medium

Medium depth peeling, as the name connotes is stronger than superficial AHA skin but milder than deep peeling done with phenol. Trichloroacetic acid is the common chemical used to execute medium depth peels. Different concentrations of TCA may be used to execute medium depth peeling. Medium depth peeling may have got to be repeated after some months.

Effects of medium peels:

TCA skins are commonly used to handle superficial tegument spots, mulct wrinkles, tegument blemishes, uneven pigmentation, and other superficial tegument jobs that are not easily removed with superficial peeling.

About The Procedure:

The process for medium peeling with TCA may take about 15 minutes. Generally no anaesthesia is used as the chemical itself anesthetizes the skin. Your physician may give you a small sedation to do you experience comfortable. Sometimes docs set up the tegument for TCA skins by treating it with AHA or retinoid treatment for some days.

In this treatment, the human face is washed thoroughly and dried and then TCA is applied over the needed area. You will experience prickling sense experience when the solution is applied. Some swelling, inflammation and acerb may look after the treatment. That volition travel away as the new tegument appears. Protection from sun is necessary after this treatment and it may be about a hebdomad or more than before you can travel back to work. It is of import to discourse the procedure, the personal effects and any other inquiry you may have got with your physician before you acquire a medium depth tegument done.

Cosmetic skin Procedures - Chemical desquamation - Deep

Deep desquamation is the most intensive chemical peeling procedure. Deep desquamation of tegument is carried out with phenol which is a strong chemical. If you are getting deep peeling done, you must speak to your physician if you have got any cardiac problem. You must state your physician about any other wellness job you may be having.

Effects Of Deep Peels:

Deep desquamation with phenol takes pre-cancerous lesions, big tegument smudges or blotches, and deeper wrinkles. After getting treated with phenol, tegument loses its ability to tan. This agency that it halts making pigment to protect itself from sun rays. You will have got to protect yourself from sun for your life with extreme care. Note it.

About The Procedure:

This process should be ideally carried out in a infirmary setting. Normally this peeling is carried out under full anesthesia. The clip of treatment may change and it may take upto two hours for the whole treatment. After application of phenol solution, your physician will use tape or crude oil jelly over the treated skin. It takes about two hours for full human face phenol peeling. It may be two to three hebdomads before you can travel back to work. After phenol peeling your human face may swell quite a batch and you may be advised to take liquid diet for a few days. You will also necessitate aid in the beginning of the recovery period. This peeling also lightens the tegument substantially and may go forth a line of demarkation. It is therefore not advised for dark skinned people.



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