Monday, May 21, 2007

The Secret Acne Cure Revealed

In this short article you will find out the secret acne cure the greedy acne industry doesn't want you to find out about. These 3 simple, natural and effective acne clearing steps cured me of my acne...

1. I found out after many years of suffering from chronic acne that food had a direct effect on my skin. Some foods seemed to clear my acne up somewhat, some made no difference, whilst a few foods caused break outs. The main one is vegetable oil. Whenever I ate this zits would appear within hours...

I advise you to avoid vegetable oil completely. There are others that are best to avoid as well, but vegetable oil is the worst. The most common source of vegetable oil is sunflower oil used in sauces and as cooking oils. You need to make sure you do not eat these, so check the food ingredients list of the food products you use.

2. I found that when I increased my intake of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes, my skin cleared up significantly. I did this by eating more wholefoods and vegetables, and by taking some quality supplements.

3. The last step I took was to get rid of a fungi infection I had. This cleared up the remaining acne I would get.

These three steps are simple, totally safe, and the only way that I managed to clear my skin. I recommend that you try them and see the acne curing effects for yourself.



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