Friday, May 25, 2007

Use These 7 Acne Skin Care Tips To Ensure Healthy Skin

There's an old saying that people should take care of the skin they're in. While this absolutely correct, those who suffer from acne might have a harder time of it. Handling skin that's prone to break outs, blemishes and even scarring can present challenges, to say the least. There are some solid acne skin care tips that can help.

The first thing to remember about acne skin care is that not all people are alike. Treatments that work wonders for some people might not for others. Some skin will respond beautifully to one production, while others find their cases of acne complicated by flaking, peeling and drying. There are some generalized acne skin care tips, however, that can help almost everyone at least ensure their skin is well cleansed and cared for:

* Don't over wash. Many people believe that acne skin care starts with cleansing, cleansing and more cleansing. While it is true that clean skin is important, generally twice a day will do it. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as excessive dirt, sweat or grime, there's no reason to over wash. In fact, it can irritate the skin and actually lead to more breakouts and other complications.

* Don't scrub too hard. This is another propensity of people with acne. Scrubbing the skin to the point of distraction will not make acne go away. It can actually damage the skin, break pimples and lead to scaring. Gentle cleaning is all that's really necessary. Avoid harsh cleansers and harsh cleansing cloths and pads.

* Keep your hands to yourself. Touching, poking and popping pimples will not get rid of them, really. While this might make them look better temporarily, the reality is this practice can lead to permanent scarring.

* Take care when using new products. There are some wonderful acne skin care products that can really help, but these can come with their own kinds of side effects and precautions. Read labels and take care when trying anything new. Test for allergies and side effects by starting out slowly with any new product. This goes for cleansers, astringents, cosmetics and even moisturizers.

* Follow medication directions to the letter and keep an eye out for side effects. Whether it's pharmacy brand medication or actual prescriptions, these medications can be a little harsh, especially at first.

* Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Sure, the sun can make acne prone skin look better for a day or two, but the drying and wrinkling factor won't improve it for long. Use caution in the sun and consider sunscreen to protect against the damaging effects of the sun.

* Get help when it's needed. If no acne skin care efforts at home are paying off, it might be time to consider more serious help. This is especially so for those with moderate to severe cases where potential scar formation is a possibility.

Acne skin care is a carefully balancing act of trying to find out what works and what does not. Some treatments can really help and other might fall flat.

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