Friday, June 29, 2007

Effective Natural Acne Treatments Reviewed

Acne is one of the most important health problems of the modern society. Every day, more and more people visit their doctors with different cases of acne, one more complex than the others. The diversity of acne cases determinate doctors to create lots of acne treatments or skin care product. But what use for these entire if some of them can cause more problems than good? Usually these medicines have side effects, so what you should really do is start a natural acne treatment right now. It may take long until it has an effect, but you can be sure that they won't harm your health.

The first part of a natural acne treatment is diet. It is very important for acne prevention. If you eat the wrong foods your acne can get from bad to worse. It is recommended to eat natural food, as much unprocessed as you can. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar. To be sure that your treatment work avoid rubbing to the irritated places and gently clear your skin everyday by washing with a glycerol based soap.

Another change that you have to do is in your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle will help you heal faster. Acne doesn't take care of age, lifestyle or race. The modern society provides us a life full of stress, another triggering factor of acne. If you want to cure your acne, then be sure that you eliminate a big part of the stress in your life. Doctors recommend some exercise, mental relaxation, fresh air walks or swimming.

A healthy diet and a life with no stress isn't enough for a good acne treatment. Is true that a balanced diet is the first defense line against acne, but this isn't enough. In parallel with it you should try to clean your face using some soap, not just water. This will help clean your pores and prevent infection to take over.

The best solution for your acne is an herbal acne treatment which wills decrees the toxicity level in your body and also works like an anti-inflammatory for skin lesions. The amazing thing about all these acne cures is that they are 100% made from natural ingredients. Besides that, you can create your own treatment, in your kitchen by mixing some natural products such as lemon, cucumber and many others. If you want an easy way to clear your pores, that you can find natural acne treatment at your local drug store, and even in your supermarket.

If one treatment does not work, than you shouldn't stop. Try another one, until you will find some treatment which will suite your skin and eventually will help you get rid of your acne problems. Whatever you do, natural treatment is one of the most efficient acne cure. Simple and easy and with no side effects, natural acne treatments does it all.

The final step in acne treatment is for you to remember that you are not the only one dealing with this problem. All over the world, other people share your thoughts and problems. They fight every day with acne, as you do. Talk to friends, talk to other people who have the same problem and most important, talk to your doctor! This will help complete your acne treatment and in no time, your skin will feel god again, and you too.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Information on Eczema - Discover 6 Juices for Super Eczema Skin

Eczema can be very difficult to get rid of. Your skin is swollen, itchy and becomes very red.

Allergies are the main reasons for this condition and the best diet is an elimination diet. By eating and drinking foods that eliminate efficiently your skin is not put under constant pressure to eliminate waste the hard way. Juicing is great for eliminating toxins and wastes from your body.

Juicing also speedily provides nutrients that rejuvenate and heal eczematous skin.

Certain nutrients are very powerful in the treatment of eczema and these include bioflavonoids, zinc and beta-carotene.

Try these juices for 14 days and make a note of any changes you experience.

#1 - Bromelin Magic:

Pineapple and ginger contains bromelain which reduces inflammation. This juice also contains essential fatty acids.

1 Pineapple,

5cm ginger root

1 tablespoon flaxseed oil. Juice in juicer and drink.

#2 - Carotene Surprise

Your body converts Beta-Carotene to Vitamin A. Get as much of this as you can as it creates healthy skin, immunity and much more.

3 carrots

½ melon

1 slice watermelon

1 teaspoon spirulina

Juice in juicer and drink.

#3 - Creamy Green

This juice tastes lovely, it's creamy, carroty and has a kick.

1 lime

4 carrots

1 handful watercress

1 bunch of parsley.

Juice in juicer and drink.

#4 - Healing Powers

This is a rich healing mix. Lovely.

1 handful each of the following: blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants

1 banana

10 teaspoons apple juice

Juice in juicer and drink.

#5 - Florida Sunshine

This drink is full of citrus.

1 orange

½ grapefruit

3 carrots

1 small handful of mint leaves

Juice in juicer and drink.

#6 - Berry Bonanza

2 large handfuls raspberries

1 handful blackcurrants

1 handful blueberries

The above juices are very powerful at eliminating waste and toxins from the body and feeding your body the nutrients it so craves for. The above juices are excellent at healing eczematous skin. Try them for two weeks and see the difference.

Happy Juicing.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Excessive Sweating and Me

The first signs of an excessive sweating attack come when I am sat at my desk at home, its not hot, and I'm not doing anything. Really no one would be sweating at this point, but I always seem to be. I am not overweight, I am not unfit, and I am not a dog.
But this has been a problem of mine for many years, and I am sure (or at least was) it will be to come. Excessive sweating is no joke, and no fun; its not life threatening, but it is life prohibiting.

The problems with this condition are 100% public; you sweat, you get embarrassed about sweating in a cold room, so you sweat more, and you get more embarrassed, and on and on.

This cycle is destined to spiral out of control until you are a mere puddle on the sidewalk, or a very thin man wearing very large and wet clothes.

Once, a few years ago, I was sweating excessively at a meeting, and everyone kindly, turned up the air con for me, they pretended they were hot too, and did many other kind and totally pointless things like undoing shirt collars, fannig themselves and more, and all this for little old me. It is embarrassing, and them doing this, only highlighted it even more. I couldn't win; drawing attention to it doesn't help, nor does trying not to think about it. Do you realise that I have made my condition into a living entity. I should name it, I should make friends with it, anything that will make it go away.

I don't know when it started, but I do know that I have not had it for life. I am 38, and for a lot of those youthful years, I was sweat-free, but I am guessing (as are you), that I was burning calories with all the other hyper-active kids in my area. Football, swimming, drumming, and generally running 'til you die, all have the same resultant value on fat, it burns, and your metabolism is sky-high, plus you are sugared off your head, so no wonder I didn't notice, or have this condition in my childhood years.

This brings me to now, I am coping, it is getting better, in that it is becoming manageable. Excessive Sweating was the bain of my life, and now it is a mild irritation, and something that doesn't rear its head too often.

Fingers crossed for the future.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Natural Acne Treatment - Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, which is also commonly known melaleuca oil, is an essential oil that can appear clear in color to a light golden shade. This natural acne fighting oil has been growing in popularity over the last few years as an effective alternative to over the counter and prescription blemish treatments.

The strong antibacterial properties possessed by tea tree oil make it extremely effective in treating those suffering from varying degrees of acne issues. This natural acne remedy is well tolerated by the skin making it possible for all skin types to see positive results from adding it to their daily skin care routine. Tea tree oil is often mixed with other essential oils for use as a remedy for other types of skin irritations.

Although is has a slightly slower time in producing positive results, tea tree oil applied to areas of the skin affected by acne is shown to be equally as effective as most over the counter acne remedies without producing any harsh skin irritations. Applying tea tree oil to your skin two to three times per day regularly is the most effective way to be able to help rid your skin of acne problems.

Tea tree oil is a very popular ingredient in several types of cosmetics because of its acne fighting properties. You can find tea tree oil in cosmetic products such as pressed powder and blemish concealing sticks. Cosmetics made with tea tree oil are a popular choice for women suffering acne issues as they are likely not to be able to wear any kind of make up otherwise.

Acne treatments do not need to be harsh on your skin. By developing a regular skin daily skin care routine involving skin care products containing tee tree oil you are sure to see your skin looking clear and healthy in no time at all.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cold Sores - Facts

Cold sores are a big problem. Most of us have them and are worried that we may get genital herpes because of them. There are many misconceptions about cold sores. Let us know more about the facts of cold sores that are getting more prevalent.

Cold sores are a kind of herpes simplex.

Cold sores are caused by a kind of herpes virus called HSV1. HSV2 causes genital herpes.

HSV1 can cause genital herpes. If anybody with cold sores touches other's genitals with mouth the other person will develop genital herpes.

HSV2, the virus that causes genital herpes rarely causes cold sores.

Most of us get infected with cold sores when we are children.

Once the virus HSV-1 enters our body, it never leaves.

After every episode the virus goes in latency phase in the body.

Many people are aware that a cold sore is about to break out because of the sensation they get in the skin before a day or two. They get tingling, burning itching or pain around their lips or mouth. This is called prodrome.

Sunlight, illness, menstruation, fever or stress triggers cold sores. Avoid these triggers to prevent outbreak.

HSV1 virus that causes cold sores is a very contagious virus. Anybody with active sores can infect others, Even if no active sores are present, virus can be transmitted.

HSV1 can be transferred to eye, genitals or fingers if you touch the sores and touch these areas.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Cold sores - All About Cold Sores- 1

A virus called HSV causes herpes simplex. HSV are of two types- HSV1 and HSV2. HSV 1 normally causes oral herpes or cold sores. The virus is normally contacted during childhood when an infected person kisses a child. Though HSV2 can also occur in the oral area, it rarely causes oral herpes. But the virus that causes cold sores can easily cause genital herpes. Let us find out more about cold sores.

Cold sores- Symptoms-

Cold sores are also called fever blisters. The symptoms commonly appear on the lips. The other places that can get affected are - areas around the lips, on or inside the nose, cheek or chin. Usually most occurrences take place on and around the lips. Small fluid filled blisters appear on the affected skin singly or in a bunch. Over time, they ooze and crust over and resolve. If the sores are severe, this can be quite painful and troublesome. If the symptoms are mild, they can be confused with chapped lips, pimples, etc. Happily the recurrent episodes are milder than the first in most of the patients.

A phase called prodrome is present before the blisters appear. A day or two days before the appearance the affected skin may tingle, itch or pain. After that, the blisters will appear. The signs appear after about three weeks of contacting the virus. The blisters resolve within about ten days of appearance. After the symptoms resolve, the virus goes to the sleeping stage inside the body. It reappears as active cold sores, whenever the virus is triggered.

We will discuss about prevention and treatment in the next article.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Secrets for Caring for Your Oily Skin

Understanding how to take care of your oily skin is something you need to learn early in your life so as
not to start off treating your oily skin incorrectly. In some ways you are lucky to have oily skin because it
tends to age at a slower rate than other skin types do. Meaning yours will not show those fine lines and wrinkles that tend to bother other skin types sooner.

On the downside to having oily skin, is that it tends to have more breakouts, problems with larger pores and blackheads.

How does one take care of their oily skin then?

Once one understands their oily skin, it becomes easier to find the right products to help to take of it in the right way.

Ever heard of using just soap and water? Well in the case of oily skin that's not that bad of an idea to do so. By using hot water and soap you prevent your pores from getting clogged and causing breakouts. Did you know that by using hot water not lukewarm water it will help dissolve the skin oil better?

One thing you need to do for sure is to avoid using any skincare products that will cause your skin to feel taut and dehydrated. This will restrict the oil from flowing through the pores will can lead to blockages and breakouts.

What one must do for starters is to keep your skin very clean by washing it no more than two to three times a day. You may not know that if you wash your oily skin too much that it will actually stimulate your skin to create more oil.

When choosing your cleanser you need to do so with care. Avoid heavy cleansing creams as well as avoid the use of harsh soaps or cleansers. One would be better to use an all natural soap that has no artificial additives or scent.

You might want even want to try an antibacterial cleansing lotion or maybe even a lightly medicated soap depending on just how oily your skin gets.

If your skin is one of the types that is extremely oily, instead of two to three washings a day up it to three or four daily cleansing may be what you need to do. No one likes a greasy appearance at any age.

As you can tell taking care of your oily skin is something you need to start early and take care of everyday if you wish for it not to breakout. Your skin can be more acne prone than other skin types to. Take care of your skin and try using a natural oil-free moisturizer to help keep your skin supple.

If you are before the age of thirty you may be lucky enough not to even have to use a moisturizer but do start over the age of thirty at least just around your eyes and mouth.
Take good care of your oily skin and it will take care of you.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scalp Acne - Most Common Scalp Acne Causes & Treatment Options Revealed

Scalp acne is one of the many places that area wreaks havocs on people all over the world. This article will discuss the most common scalp acne causes and treatment options available.

Scalp acne is a relatively new form of acne condition that just appears on the scalp. Interestingly enough, scalp acne is caused as a result of the same factors and triggers as acne that occurs on other parts of the body.

Generally speaking, scalp acne's dermatological term is scalp folliculitis. Scalp folliculitis is inflammation of the scalp's hair follicles. Another common term for scalp acne is acne necrotica miliaris and proprionibacterium acne folliculitis.

Scalp acne looks similar to other forms of acne with small pustules occurring throughout the individual's scalp. Unfortunately scalp acne is incredibly itchy and is particularly prevalent in the front of the hairline where it is also most noticeable.

Scalp acne also varies in severity from just a few scalp acne lesions to more severe acne. As a result of its placement on the scalp it is also very hard to not scratch at the pustules. As a result scalp acne can become extremely painful and take on a crusty, unattractive appearance.

Scalp acne does not clear up quickly. It can take around four weeks for it to clear up sufficiently. Scalp acne is known to develop when an individual is stressed and when the scalp is very oily. Perhaps not surprisingly, research has also confirmed that scalp acne can appear if a person doesn't wash their hair often enough or when using too oily hair products.

How To Treat Scalp Acne

One of the best ways to treat scalp acne is to use a mild normal shampoo to wash the scalp. An anti-dandruff shampoo should be avoided as it is too harsh. However, there is no problem in using a conditioner after washing your hair.

As well as using gentle hair products there are also a number of scalp acne products available for this sole purpose. These scalp acne products include clindamycin solution, erythromycin solution and other antibiotics applied directly to the scalp.

The most severe form of scalp acne is acne necrotica and is characterized by very large and unfortunately noticeable follicular spots or papules that have been inflamed. Scalp acne, if left untreated, can form a black crust and leave permanent and very unattractive scars. This severe scalp acne is not limited to the scalp and can pass to other parts of the face also.

Check out the website below to learn how to get rid of scalp acne in as little as three days.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Best Acne Treatment? Consistency

If you suffer from acne, you know very well that acne is not a static condition. It's dynamic and can change on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. One moment you've got it, the next there's hardly a trace of it. This fluctuating degree of severity creates a challenge in treating acne.

But, the biggest thing to keep in mind when trying to control your acne, whether you're a teenager in the midst of a bad bought of cystic acne or an adult with persistent surface blemishes, is to be consistent. Consistency of your treatment is one of the major keys to finally getting rid of your acne.

What does it mean to be consistent when treating acne? The majority of people with acne tend to chase it. When the acne is present, they treat it, and when they don't see it, they stop treating it. This ends up perpetuating the "acne roller coaster," so to speak. The acne goes away when the skin is treated, but comes back when the skin is neglected.

There are a few differences in treating adult acne and teenage acne. First, here are some tips on how to treat teenage acne:

When dealing with teen acne, keep in mind teenage skin is less sensitive to treatments than an adult's, and typically less likely to get reactions like swelling and irritation. This widens the scope of the products you might choose from.

- Since teenager's skin is more tolerant than an adult's, you may want to pick treatments that are more potent, like benzoyl peroxide.

- Don't switch from one treatment to another if the results don't show up immediately, as the process can take time.

- If the problem persists after an extended period of using the medication, you might feel the need to consult with a medical professional.

- It is usually not an advisable course of action to physically tamper with the acne yourself. In other words, don't pop your zit!

- Because of the fluctuating severity of teen acne, consider using an combination acne treatment that gives you flexibility, letting you decide your own medication strength.

Now, as for treating adult acne…

Dr. Katie Rodan said in a recent issue of New Beauty Magazine, "The best scenario for treating acne is combination treatment with both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide." Adult acne isn't as tolerant to chemicals and treatments as is younger skin and the trick is to use a treatment that will get rid of acne without irritating the skin. Often, the best way to do this is to use a combination acne treatment.

Here are a couple of things you may want to remember about how to treat adult acne:

- Adult skin is not as resilient as teenager's skin and many adults find themselves avoiding benzoyl peroxide-based treatments.

- A good alternative you might look into would be salicylic acid.

-If using a combination treatment, you may decide to use the benzoyl peroxide treatment at night. That way, if your skin is temporarily irritated, it will be cleared up by morning.

To treat severe cases of acne, an over-the-counter method might not be the best solution available and you should consult your dermatologist. There are several paths you can go about taking in fixing this problem, and a good dermatologist can help you find a solution.

While there is no definite best over-the-counter acne treatment out there, there are several options. You may want to look for information on the Internet before making a decision on how to treat severe acne or how to treat adult acne. Concerning such treatments, you can find useful information at

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Types of Acne Treatments

Once you realize you have spots,which by itself can cause you great emotional distress, there is a choice of acne treatments from which to chose. Please note,an instant complete cure,is unlikely. These various methods have the aim of preventing new spots forming,to improve those present and reduce or even prevent scarring.

1 Home Treatment.

Keep the affected area clean,but do not over wash, as this could dry out the surface. Some natural oil needs to remain so the skin can maintain its natural condition.
Over-the-counter remedies. A number of the are available from pharmacies to treat a mild condition. Antibacterial agents such as benzoyl peroxide is normally the active component. Commercial Examples: Clearasil Max or Oxy.

The active antibacterial properties in benzoyl peroxide,encourage the skin to dry out. The surface layer becomes flakey and is shed. The overall effect of combining the antibacterial and dry out process,makes it harder for the the tiny pores or holes, to become blocked.

Benzoyl peroxide does have a downside. It may cause a reddening of the area or peeling,usually at the start of application. Moderate use can reduce some of the effects so they are less notable.

It can take a long time for these home applications to work,weeks or even months before a noticeable positive result is seen. Please see your doctor if after 2 months self application has not worked or you have severe acne.

2 Prescription medicines

Your Doctor may start by prescribing a benzoyl peroxide preparation. If this is unsuccessful,or a more sever type,there are other options available. One type, you rub onto the surface. Another is the tablet form. So lets see what these typical applications are.

3 Topical or rub on.

Here some of the more common prescribed applications.
Skinoren or azelaic acid, is one alternative to benzoyl peroxide. This may be kinder to your skin as well.
Rub on retinoids are based on vitamin A,such as Adapalene. This encourages the outer surface layer to flake off.

Also a rub on antibiotic lotion. When used,the lotion has a controlling effect on P.acnes bacteria. Example Dalacin T. Around six months is normally given for a course of medication.

Other preparations that use both antibiotic and other medication are also available. Benzamycin uses an antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide.

4 Oral or tablet.

A number of tablet alternatives you may be prescribed are as follows.

Antibiotics in tablet form,like tetracycline,are normally prescribed against an inflammatory condition. Usually taken for a period of three months or so,yet benefits may take any where from four to six months to be seen. Common antibiotics can interferer and cause a resistance to build up in the bacteria ,so effecting a successful outcome.

Contraceptive tablets can help women who have acne. A mix of ethinylestradiol,the normal pill hormone and cyproterone acetate,suppresses male hormone activity and is often used with women who have breakout's of spots.

An oral retinoid can be used. An example here is Roaccutane,an isotretinoin,which can be used in tablet form. Isotretinoin dry's up the oily secretions and is normally used with people who have an acute or severe forms. Side effects are known to exist with particular acne treatments,so use should only be under medical supervision.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

All About Acne Scars

It just isn't fair. You have to deal with acne at its worst. Then, just when you think it's over, you realize your skin is pitted with scars. You may be wondering how you could have prevented these scars. You may ask yourself why some of the scars look different from others. And, finally, you will want to know what the treatments are for acne scars.

The best way to prevent acne scars is, obviously, to prevent acne. This is easier said than done, but attention to substances in the food supply or avoiding touching the face as much as possible, for example, can go a long way. Another way to prevent the problem is to treat the acne as soon as it appears, and treat it as much as necessary. It all goes back to this: the less acne, the less acne scars.

To find the cause of the acne scar, you have to go back to the beginning of the infection. At that time, injury was caused to the tissue of the skin. White blood cells and other molecules rushed to the body's defense to heal the damage, leaving behind something of a mess. It was then that a scar was formed.

At first, there may be macules. These are just flat reddish spots. They are not scars and should not remain for more than 6 months. There can also be skin discolorations which can last for up to 18 months after an acne lesion clears up. These also are not scars.

There are two main types of acne scars. Some are those caused by loss of tissue These are depressed scars, also called "ice-pick" scars. The other type is caused by excessive tissues formation. These show up as raised, thickened tissue. They may be keloid scars.

Some people are more prone to scarring than others. In fact, there seems to be some genetic basis for scarring. If you are one of the unlucky ones, you might want to try one of the many treatments.

If the scars have already set in the skin, it may be difficult to treat them without having dermatologic surgery done. Collagen injections can be done for soft scars. Autologous fat transfer (taking fat from another part of your body to inject into scarred areas) can be used to elevate depressed scars. There are also procedures where small skin grafts are used to close open surface areas of scarred tissue. There are, in fact, too many surgical procedures to name them all here.

Acne scars may not be the nicest thing to happen to you, not by a long shot. If you can prevent them, it will save you a lot of heartache later. But, if it's too late to prevent scars, there are many surgical options. Just ask your dermatologist.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Paris Hilton "like" Celebrity-Like Sprayed-on-tan - Part 2

In the first part of our "how-to-get-a-celebrity-tan" we explored some of the advantages of opting for a California Magic Tan. In this second part we'll explore in even more details some of the results you can expect from a California tan!

There are four Magic Tan Healthy Options you should know about:

Did you know California Magic Tan Booth provides health benefits that are packed in a fully unique automated spa that are provided through various skin applications such as?

That might be surprising, but once you review these four benefits, you'll be convinced:

1. Pre-Sunless Hydration Spray, which is an Aloe Vera, based skin conditioning complete with a Ph-balanced formula that hydrates the skin cells and controls surface oils. This skin application is excellent in improving the hold of the tanning solution on the skin.

2. The Skin Bronzing Solution combines just the right amount of DHA and Erythrulose that produces an unmatched skin bronzing effect. The unique combination of the aforementioned substances helps to create a natural looking tan that last longer than any other available tanning solution.

3. The Anti-Aging Moisturizer is a skin therapy that revitalizes the skin giving it a youthful new look.

4. The Ultraviolet Skin Defining Maximizer makes use of a revolutionary spray technology that combines ingredients that possess anti-aging as well as skin firming capabilities. So customers are not only provided with a beautiful tan but they also get the chance to have their sagging skin firmed up.

Magic Tan Quality Results: California Magic Tan Booth also makes use of a tanning technology that is environmentally friendly. It employs a feature in the form of a built-in air purification column that produces fresh and clean atmosphere by keeping impure or dirty air from escaping to the environment. The impure air that the tanning booth emits passes through a filter wherein it is automatically cleaned leaving the interior of the booth spotless and smelling fresh.

You can search the web for information on treatments to reverse wrinkles or simply visit our site: Visit our site often and you'll be well informed when is comes to non-surgical facelifts and effective anti-aging products.

© Copyright Beauty Match Network. All rights reserved in all countries.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Acne Scars and How to Get Rid of Them

Acne is the skin condition that everyone loves to hate. Of course the best treatment is preventing its occurrence in the first place. Unfortunately for millions of people this just isn't possible. Acne has a nasty habit a popping up in the worst possible places at the worst possible time. It does go away but for some sufferers it leaves behind an unsightly reminder; an acne scar.

Much like any other trauma that occurs to the skin, acne can leave a scar. This doesn't mean that it always does and some people are more prone to scarring then others. What normally happens after an acne blemish clears a dark spot known as post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation will appear on the skin. This is the body's reaction when it starts repairing the spot where the pimple was located. This dark pigmentation will usually fade away after a couple of years.

There are two basic types of acne scars; raised and depressed.

A raised scar is much less common and is a symptom of those who develop keloids at the skin trauma sites. A keloid is an overgrowth of the tissue at the site of the injury. Unfortunately keloids are hard to get rid of and surgery to remove a keloid will often result in a much larger specimen re-growing at the site.

A depressed scar forms much the same way a scar for a scrap or a cut forms. When a pimple is born it forms inside a pore or hair follicle under the skin. When it is popped or disappears on its own some tissue and collagen loss occurs leaving a small depression. A new skin tissue grows over the acne site the depression remains leaving a small blemish in the skin.

There are ways to prevent scars from occurring and also remove them when they do happen. The first place we will look at is prevention. After all never having a scar is much easier to deal with then having a scar.

Make sure you have adequate Zinc in your diet. Zinc is important because it is essential in the tissue healing process. The faster the skin heals the less chance you will have of obtaining a scar. This can help lessen or prevent any pitting or scarring caused by acne outbreaks. Zinc is also known to help strengthen the immune system against a variety of viruses and pathogens, keeping the body healthy and whole.

When it comes to actually removing acne scars there are a variety of treatments. The treatment method may also depend upon the type of scar that is encountered. These are the types of depression scars; ice pick, rolling, and boxcar scars. Depending on which type of scar or scars you have will determine which treatment a dermatologist will recommend. These treatments can range from Dermabrasion to laser surgery.

No matter what type of scarring you have there are treatment options available. It is best to consult with a dermatologist to determine the best course of action when it comes to ridding yourself of unsightly acne scars.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Does Cellulite Lotion Actually Get Rid of Cellulite?

Afraid of baring all in your bikini or worried about wearing figure hugging pants because of your cellulite? Then it may be time to explore using a cellulite lotion to target your problem areas.

For most women cellulite is the bane of their life. If effects around 90% of all women and size is not an indicator – you can be very slim with cellulite or overweight and dimple-free.

Basically cellulite is just ordinary body fat - it is the way its stored that creates the telltale orange peel rippled effect. The fat is stored between connective tissues within the deep layers of the skin. The more fat that is stored in these compartments results in a worsening of cellulite. However, the strength of the connective tissues also plays a part. If the connective tissue is weak then the fat will bulge more. This is how slim women without much fat can be plagued by cellulite.

Cellulite lotions have been developed to address this very unique and distressing problem that tends to effect women more than men, but do they work? Today, you can find all sorts of cellulite lotions with varying ingredients and capabilities.

The more advanced lotions aim to:

1. Minimize the appearance of cellulite.

2. Tighten and tone your skin.

3. Improve the circulation of blood.

4. Enhance the appearance and texture of your skin.

Cellulite lotions claim to have the capability to remove excess fats in the body that cannot be removed by exercise. This is especially in areas that have been known to build up fats more. Through regular use of cellulite lotion there is the promise of toning and smoothing some of this hard to reach cellulite areas.

However, it pays to have a healthy skepticism, as there is not much proof that cellulite creams actually work; nor however is there much in the way of research forthcoming from the cellulite lotion makers to prove that they do work.

You can discover more about ridding your body of cellulite naturally by signing up to the free newsletter below.

Most cellulite lotions come with instructions to 'massage' the lotion into the effective areas and also to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. This makes it hard to know whether it is the cream reducing the appearance of cellulite or the massage and change in diet and exercise.

The very act of massaging can help to stimulate blood circulation to effected areas and helps to disperse excess fluid.

For best results, it is best to consult first with a skin specialist. They will be able to advise you which of the many cellulite lotions you should chose from. Be aware however, that some ingredients may cause allergic reaction to sensitive skin.

One way of trying a lotion is to rub a small amount into one problem area and monitor results for a month. If there is improvement in skin appearance then you can start to use the product on all your other areas, as you know it will work. This will save you money and is a good way of finding the most effect cellulite lotion for you.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How To Care For Acne

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Treatments of Eczema – An Story to Cure Your Eczema

The following is a fabricated story about a set of triplets who were separated at birth.

The point of the story? To highlight the best possible way to eradicate eczema and at the same time live a full, healthy and powerful lifestyle.

So here goes. Once upon a time a set of girl triplets were born and adopted by three separate families within hours of being born.

Treatments of Eczema for Sister #1. Sister #1 from birth grew up on a diet of raw foods. She ate fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grain. Sister #1 experienced superior health. She never suffered with Eczema or Asthma. As a matter of fact she never suffered any disease. None! She grew fast, and strong. She was high spirited, very affectionate towards others and totally free from disease. She experienced no excess fat and as an adult produced happy, fit children. Her children too were healthy, high spirited and affectionate. She died at the age of 80 and an autopsy revealed that every organ, every gland and every tissue in her body was in perfect condition. She bore no signs of aging or degeneration. She lived a healthy and fulfilled life.

Treatments of Eczema for Sister #2. In comparison Sister #2 from birth grew up on a diet of cooked foods just like the majority of the people living in Europe and the US today. She was fed milk, meat, white bread, soda, sweets, cakes vitamin supplements and medicines. Sister #2 experienced frequent colds, suffered with Eczema, Asthma, pneumonia, poor eyesight, cataracts, heart disease, arthritis and finally cancer. Biologically she was doomed. Emotionally she was aggressive and angry towards others. Her children also suffered with poor health. She died early from cancer and an autopsy revealed extensive degeneration of all organs, all glands and all tissue in her body. She lived a miserable and unhealthy life.

Treatments of Eczema for Sister #3. Sister #3 from birth grew up on exactly the same as Sister #2 until the age of 40. She possessed exactly the same characteristics as Sister #2. Same inferior health issues which included Eczema and Asthma and same bad emotional and mental attitude.

At aged 40 however, Sister #3 went through a total transformation with her diet. She followed a very strict fast for several days. Then followed a 100% raw food diet with intermittent fasting. Sister #3 went through a dramatic transformation. Her Eczema and Asthma disappeared. She experienced tip top health within four weeks. She showed love and kindness towards others and no longer suffered any disease.

At 80 years of age when she died she underwent an autopsy. Her body underwent a total reversal in aging and every organs, every glands and every tissue was in tip top condition. Her body was a perfect specimen of good health.

The above story is fictitious. But if you follow any of the three diets you will experience the relevant health issues. Sisters #2 and #3 each suffered Eczema and Asthma because of their eating habits. Sister #3 however underwent a total transformation after adopting the eating habits of Sister #1.

Which diet will you follow? The choice is yours.

Here's to glorious, smooth skin.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Should I Pop My Zits?

Why shouldn't I pop my zits? It's really the only way to turn a totally gross lesion into one that's still ugly but at least it's not gross. I'm a guy, so makeup really isn't an option.

- Anonymous Acne Sufferer


Dear Acne Sufferer,

There obviously is a certain amount of satisfaction in popping a zit. But I'm sure you've noticed that the satisfaction is short-lived. Afterwards, the affected area is larger, more swollen, more noticeable, and likely to hang around longer. It's also significantly more likely to develop a permanent scar.

The main culprit is inflammation, a process that's triggered by your immune system, causing heat, swelling, redness, and pain. When you get a splinter in your fingertip, for example, your finger's soreness, swelling, redness, and heat are at their worst a couple days after you got the splinter, because inflammation generally takes a couple days to get fully up to speed. Inflammation is unpleasant, but it's a necessary evil: There can be no healing without inflammation. When an infection or injury happens, inflammation is supposed to move in, help clean up the problem, and then go away so the affected area can heal.

In acne, however, inflammation has run amok and actually stands in the way of healing. That's because there are other processes ongoing, deep within the acne-affected pore, that keep the inflammatory fire burning for years, rather than days. So when you squeeze an acne lesion, which is by definition already inflamed, you're tossing fuel on an old fire: more heat, more swelling, more redness, more discomfort.

• The increased heat stimulates increased production of oil. It also causes faster turnover of cells lining the follicle, which shed off in pore-clogging clumps.

• The increased swelling narrows the pore's opening and plugs it even faster.

• The damage done during the squeezing (let's be honest, you know it causes damage) literally kills cells that were already sick, and damages adjacent cells that until then had been healthy. This expands the area of tissue that's being traumatized by the whole process. It also increases the risk of permanent scarring

The best approach to healing acne — which is your ultimate goal, after all — includes not only opening up clogged pores, while at the same time putting out that inflammatory fire. Because squeezing pimples escalates inflammation, it works against that goal. So, what should you do with those zits that are practically begging to be popped? Instead of trying to force the plug out of the pore by squeezing, I recommend melting it away with topical agents called keratolytics.

The two most commonly used keratolytics are and salicylic acid. Both BP and SA are known to be irritating, but they can be calibrated to your skin's individual tolerance for such agents, so you get the best therapeutic effect with the least possible irritation. I have seen impressive results when BP is used at bedtime, so any increased inflammation happens during sleep, and SA (which is somewhat gentler than BP) is used in the morning, for calmer skin during the day, with both agents calibrated for minimal inflammation. Another breakthrough in acne treatment is the use of soothing botanicals and other agents that have mild anti-inflammatory action. When combined, many of these agents work together, synergistically, for an anti-inflammatory effect that's greater than the sum of their individual benefits.

As for covering up a particularly brilliant lesion, I recommend killing two birds with one stone: Apply the keratolytic agent of your choice to the pimple, and cover with a small dot-type Band-Aid so it can work undercover. Therapy without fueling the fire — that's the key.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Skin Tags - Treat Them Yourself at Home

There are tons of medical things that can affect any number of us at any given time. Many of this diseases and conditions are well studied, highly documented and tons of things are known about them. There are many exceptions and one of these is the skin tag. A skin tag is a very common and is a harmless condition that is nothing more than a projection of skin on the body. This description is what they have in common as they vary in just about every other quality from color to size and shape. Some individuals have ones that are small and smooth and other have large strangely shaped ones. Some are light in color just as the surrounding skin is and others have deeper and darker colors. Basically they vary in just about every detail except for on. The owners want nothing more than to get rid of them.

These fleshy growths can appear any where on the body though they have their own favorite locations such as the armpit, groin, chest and even the eyelid. The majority of the people that discover these on their body tend to be middle-aged folks, though it can occur in younger individuals. As for men versus women, ladies tend to get these more often than men. There are a number of methods that science uses to treat these things ranging form freezing them away, tying them off to reduce the blood supply and even cutting them off of the body. These require the time and expense of going to the doctor, plus they seem a bit archaic. You can treat them yourself in the privacy of your own home for little as long as you use the right techniques.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Skin Cleansing Tips

Skin cleansing is an important part of skin care routine. Cleansing is essential to remove makeup, dirt and grime from face. Facial cleansing should be effective without irritating the skin and should suit our skin as well. Cleansing too often will take away all precious natural oils from your skin and will only make dry skin drier and oily skin more oily. Essential for possessing a flawless complexion, cleansing is the most important skin care activity. Thorough and regular cleansing stimulates the skin and helps to slough off dead cells that lie on the skins surface. Skin cleansing, in addition to other cleansing methods like colon cleansing and liver cleansing, can also be used effectively for the treatment of multiple chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and pesticide and chemical exposure. Skin cleansing is the method used to remove the surface dirt and other substances which accumulate and cause clogging of the pores of your skin. It is also used to release stored toxins under the skin. In the skin cleansing method, the elimination of toxins is usually done by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Skin cleansing also helps to improve blood circulation and the removal of dead cells from the skin. You can use long handled natural bristle brush or loofah sponge for skin cleansing. The most damaging effect of the sun is that it dehydrates the skin causing it to become dry and rough and wrinkled, freckles, pigmentation and patches may also occur. Next to sun exposure, smoking is the highest factor in wrinkling. Skin cleansing is very much essential, because pollution, grease and grime cling to the skin, clogging pores, while the body eliminates toxins through perspiration. Smokers have more wrinkles than people who don't smoke. Cigarette smoke releasesfree radicals that break down the vitamin C in the skin and contribute to premature wrinkling. Nicotine also causes small blood vessels and capillaries to contract, diminishing circulation and depriving the skin of nutrients. If the cleansing process is not thoroughly undertaken, the skin will look and feel sluggish, tired and minor skin problems and irritations will transpire. After cleansing, always use a non-stringent, acid-based toner that will remove any remaining dirt on your face.

Following steps should be taken while applying cleanser :

1. Always wash your hands clean first. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria to your face.

2. Cleansing cream should be applied in generous quantity on cheeks, chin, neck and forehead.

3. Always use a moist cotton to remove the cream as the dry cotton absorbs the moisture from the skin which should not be lose.

4. Cleansing should be dome two times a day, once in the morning and again before going to bed.

5. Depending on whether your skin is normal to oily or normal to dry, you should use cleansers and products that are formulated for your specific skin type.

6. Cotton wool should come out clean nor do the cleansing twice a day.

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